Terramossa Project

a more large region

Axis 3 Action 1.1 sub B

Aid for investments in machinery, plant and intangible assets, and support for the reorganization and corporate restructuring processes. Trade sector. SMEs – aggregated enterprises


The project to increase the attractiveness of participating restaurant businesses, innovation in commercial offer systems, the enhancement of local food and wine excellences through a portal that will make all restaurants visible, highlighting all their peculiarities. Each restaurant will also distinguish itself by identifying an “ETHICAL terramossa” dish that respects all the ethical parameters of production (0 km products, organoleptic characteristics, recipe and sustainable cooking, etc.), a dish that will become the common thread and that customers will find in each restaurant. Dish that will be enhanced (through photos, videos, etc.) and promoted as well as through the portal, through the digital totem (connected to the network via wi-fi connection) and that the customer will find at the entrance of the restaurant to interact with the channels social networks and to discover the peculiarities (Ethical dish, menu, history, etc.) of the same restaurant. The totem will also be used to advertise the entire aggregation through co-marketing actions and to promote the “local tour” thanks to the consumption of the “ethical dish”. In the end, the customer who has consumed the five dishes will be rewarded with a nice gift.
The aggregation will also serve to promote the cycling network of the area which can also be consulted in the digital totem. Cyclists who reach the restaurants will be offered a dedicated space where they can RE-load their e-bikes, or repair their bicycles thanks to the repair KIT which all restaurants will be provided with. A highly specialized training course will also be activated to offer “athlete” customers menus suitable for physical activity and physical regeneration.

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